DHT-22 (AM2302) Humidity Temperature Sensor

View DHT-22 Humidity - Temperature Sensor Details
View DHT-22 Humidity - Temperature Sensor Details
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The DHT-22 humidity capacitor module is a calibrated humidity and temperature sensor with digital signal output. Its application-specific modules capture technology and digital temperature and humidity sensor technology to ensure product with high reliability and excellent long-term stability. Sensor consists of a capacitive sense element and a precision wet NTC temperature measurement devices, and with a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller connected. Therefore, the product has excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability, high cost and so on. Each sensor in a very precise calibration of humidity calibration chamber. Calibration coefficients stored in the microcontroller program, the sensor detects the signal processing within the process to call these calibration coefficients.


  • Output signal digital signal via single-bus
  • Sensing element Polymer humidity capacitor & DS18B20 for detecting temperature
  • Measuring range humidity 0-100%RH; temperature -40~125Celsius
  • Accuracy humidity +-2%RH(Max +-5%RH); temperature +-0.2Celsius
  • Resolution or sensitivity humidity 0.1%RH; temperature 0.1Celsius
  • Repeatability humidity +-1%RH; temperature +-0.2Celsius
  • Humidity hysteresis +-0.3%RH
  • Long-term Stability +-0.5%RH/year
  • Sensing period Average: 2s

The DHT22 can be powered from a 3.3 to 6V DC power source. It is recommended that a 100nF capacitor be added between VDD and GND.

DHT22 Humidity-Temp Sensor Pinouts DHT22 Humidity-Temp Sensor Circuit


For more details on hooking up the DHT22 to an Arduino board then click on the Image. The easiest way to use this sensor is to use a breakout board with the DHT22 mounted on it.

Click to view Arduino to Aosong DHT-22 Temperature Sensor Hookup

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