Website Privacy Policy

Who provides this service and collects the data

The website is provided by Nevixa Pty Ltd (ACN 164 863 781). This website operates under the Australian Privacy Principles.

What data do we collect

We only collect your IP address which we use to generate analytics about the site usage. We do not provide this data to any third party.

Do I need to login

No. No user username, email address, facebook or google login required.

In fact there is no login at all.

Do we Sell Anything



The only time you would need to provide an email address is if you make contact with us using the email address on the contact us page. We will only make contact with you via this email address if it is related to an issue or topic you have initiated with us.

We will reply using an email that is from either the or domains.

We do not on sell or provide this email to any other party.

We do not use gmail or any other free email service.

Cookies and Sessions

We use a session cookie to identify the current session. We use this session cookie for site usage analytics. This information is not provided to any other parties.

The cookie has a lifespan of 30 days and is assigned to the domain name

GPS Location Data

We do not collect any GPS location data when you visit the website.

Third Party Services

We do not use tracking beacons or javascript tracking script on this site.

Social Media

We use Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and you are at the mercy of these providers privacy terms.

We do not use any third-party social media badges or widgets which function as trackers.


There is none, so no dodgy tracking codes, beacons or scripts are used.