About cactus.io

We are based in Australia. So you get Australian spelling and we use the Metric system.

We do not sell anything on this site. The Arduino boards, sensors and components can be purchased from a large number of suppliers around the world.

Our goals with this website is to provide projects and tutorials about Arduinos and the wide range of sensors available. We then connect these devices to the Internet and display the data for all to see.

Hopefully it will inspire people anywhere in the world to develop there own projects.

The projects on this website are designed around the low cost Arduino platform and using the large range of shields and sensors available from many suppliers all around the world. Where possible we have used low cost or recycled material for our projects.

You do not need to be an electronics engineer or programmer to experiment with the Arduino platform There is a huge amount of resources on the Internet that can assist you with your projects. Age is not relavent. Give it go.

While we try our best sometimes bugs or spelling mistakes slip through. Sometimes people don't like the way something is explained. Sometimes people think we could have done it differently. Sometimes the website looks weird on your browser. (We do not and will not support old versions of Internet Explorer - It's all HTML 5). In any of these cases feel free to drop us an email and tell us. The email to use is in the image below.

Almost all images used on this website are taken by us. They are copyright and not to be used without permission. There are a few from suppliers but no third party image suppliers.

We only photoshop the images for sizes. We do not manipulate or enhance the images. We include the dust on the camera sensor for free.

All information on this website is covered by:

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